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Immersing yourself in the Hotel Atlantic on Via Nazionale is a journey through centuries of history, where every corner narrates episodes of knights, artists and nobility. Originally known as Hotel Atlantico, our hotel boasts a long tradition of hospitality, having been a point of reference for travelers from all over the world for many years.

Located at the crossroads between via Nazionale, via dell'Ariento and via Faenza, the hotel is a silent witness to ancient stories. Via Nazionale, once "Via Tedesca", housed the order of the Teutonic Knights, a symbol of dedication to the needy. In front of us, the “Fonticine” tabernacle from 1522 with its “Madonna with Child” evokes the era in which sacred art illuminated the streets of the city.

Via dell'Ariento, transformed from a street of silver workshops into an open-air market, preserves the echo of artisan Florence, while Via Faenza, with its religious and artistic history, connects us directly to the spiritual heart of the city.

Postcard Hotel Antico Florence
Postcard Hotel Antico Florence

The interior of the hotel, with its structures dating back to the Teutonic Knights and the Renaissance period, offers guests a unique experience, where ancient splendor blends with modern comfort. Pointed vaults and pietra serena columns create an atmosphere of time immemorial.

The Salvini Manufacture vase is a pride of Tuscan ceramic manufacturing.
The Salvini manufacture was already active at the time of the Medici and as a tribute to the House of Savoy, it represents one of our most precious treasures.

This Art Nouveau masterpiece celebrates the Albertine statute, the first Italian constitution in force until 1946 after the monarchy/republic referendum and until the establishment of the constituent assembly.

The vase was found in the 80s in a corner of the hotel by the Meoni family, who are still the owners of the hotel today, during the work on the Hotel Atlantico and with the collaboration of the semi-precious stone factory it was brought back to its ancient splendor and placed in the center of the hotel, to also remember the fact that Florence was the capital of Italy for two years and that it has always had a close link with the House of Savoy.

From Hotel Atlantico to today, every guest who crosses our threshold becomes part of a thousand-year history. We invite you to discover the essence of Florence through our hotel, not only as a place to stay, but as a living journey into history.

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